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Spring Cleaning

Virtuosa Beauty co-founder and CEO Caitlin Palmer gives her take on ‘spring cleaning’ and starting fresh.

My mother will not be surprised when I admit that I have never actually done a deep clean of my apartment during spring time (a.k.a. spring cleaning). Let’s just say making my bed and keeping my room tidy were not my strengths as a kid. But I do think the spirit behind spring cleaning – revitalization, purging, cleansing – is an important practice in life, and it doesn’t need to be confined to one time each year. Continuously assessing and revamping my priorities, routine and surroundings are essential for me to reenergize and feel like I am making progress.

My ‘spring cleaning’ plan to life follows a slightly different schedule….


Declutter the physical. I move a lot. Like 6 times in the last 8 years. Even though it is painful and makes the packing 3x longer, I evaluate each item before it is placed in a moving box, donation pile or the trash. Is this sunscreen expired? Have I used this blanket since I moved here? Will this shirt ever come back in style? My husband’s favorite – I test every single pen to see if it has ink. My constant moving will (hopefully) slow down soon, so I will need to find a way to stay on top of the clutter but for now – once per move works for me.


Revamp health and wellness routine. Once a month I reflect on how I am feeling. Am I tired? Do my jeans fit? Does my skin look and feel healthy? I go through a check list and then make some goals. Most recently, I wanted to 1) tone up my arms 2) reduce my sodium intake and 3) get 7 hours of sleep a night. But I don’t stop there – I then create a realistic plan. This translated to 1) going to barre class 2x per week 2) replacing my salty snacks with fruits and veggies and 3) only washing my hair every other day, giving me an extra 45 minutes of sleep – of course, using my Virtuosa shower cap enables this :)


Eliminate bad habits. New Year’s resolutions and diets have never worked for me – it’s too much change at once and I can never stick to it. I believe in introducing small changes more often. I keep a list on my phone of all the things I wish I did better or didn’t do at all – like hitting the snooze button or saying ‘umm’ when I speak. Whenever I come across something I want to work on, I add it to the list. Each week, I pick a new ‘area for improvement’ and focus on that all week. Small wins!


Prioritize how I spend my time. I recently realized that how I spent my time did not match up with what I called my priorities –family, friends and health. I make it a point everyday to add up the time I spend on things I have not prioritized, like checking social media or online shopping. It’s easy to see where all the time I didn’t have to call my mom or go to the gym went! Simply writing it down helps me be more deliberate about how I allocate my time. 




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