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We Tried Six Different Dry Shampoos and Here's What We Found

Over the past few weeks, the Virtuosa co-founders all tried six different dry shampoos and are here to report our findings! 



Batiste - $7.99 for 6.73 oz. 

Alexandra: This was the best spray I tried, of the three we tested. However, I prefer using a powder. The sprays make my hair feel stiff, as if I used hairspray.

Caitlin: I normally don’t like sprays because I have very thin, fine hair and it weighs it down – but this one is actually pretty good! It smells great, and if sprays work for you – this is a quality product at a great price. My only complaint is that it looks great in the beginning – really helps with body, but it seems to only last for a few hours for me before I need to reapply.

Tamara: This is my go-to so I’m biased. My mom got it for me a few years ago and I’ve never had a reason to try anything else. I love how it smells (I use the Blush fragrance) and it’s easy to put on because of the spray form. It’s also very affordable!


Living Proof

Living Proof - $12 for 1.8oz.

Alexandra: Ahhh! My hair looked like it was spray painted white! I managed to blend it in but there were still flecks of white in my hair afterward. My hair did feel cleaner afterward, though stiff and difficult to run my fingers through.

Caitlin: It turned my hair white when I sprayed it on. At first I freaked out, but was able to blend it in with my blonde hair. I thought performance was pretty good, and I liked the smell – though it was a little strong.

Tamara: Yikes, I really didn’t like the smell of this one – something about it was strange and it felt very artificial. I prefer sprays to powders so on the margin I preferred this to other dry shampoos, and in terms of functionality it worked fine and my hair felt cleaner afterwards.


Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and Bumble - $14 for 0.5oz. 

Alexandra: This one was pretty good, but expensive. The powder is very fine, so it doesn’t leave visible residue like other powders can.

Caitlin: This one is OK. I prefer a powder, since I’m blonde it is easy to blend so it beats most of the sprays for me. It was really difficult to put in – there is no nozzle you just kind of shake it and hope for the best. I had to put it in my hands first then rub in. Performance is good and the smell is not overpowering, but it was pretty pricey.

Tamara: This one had no smell, which was odd. I am not a fan of powders, but tried putting this into my hands first and then into my hair which didn’t seem to work. In the end it felt like I used too much product and it didn’t actually have any impact on my hair.


Oscar Blandi Pronto

Oscar Blandi Pronto - $11 for 1oz.

Alexandra: I like how this one has a nozzle that you can rake through your hair to apply the dry shampoo directly to your scalp. I am not a huge fan of the scent, which is overpowering.

Caitlin: From a performance standpoint, this one was probably the best, but I really hate the smell – very strong, citrus/lemony. Again, I am partial to powders – this one has a little nozzle to help you apply a bit easier, but still powders are tougher than sprays to put on.

Tamara: This was my first powder dry shampoo. I didn’t like the powder form because I can’t tell how much I’m putting in my hair in areas I can’t see, like the back of my head. With a spray, I can feel how much I’m applying. Also, this one smells like baby powder – not my favorite.



Dove - $4.63 for 5oz.

Alexandra: I hate this one! It was exactly like putting in hair spray. I couldn’t run a comb or my fingers through my hair at all after spraying this on my roots. It made my hair feel like it had a ton of product weighing it down.

Caitlin: I bought this product (my first dry shampoo) after pouring over reviews. It was recommended from very credible sources as the best bang for your buck – that it outperformed even the more expensive options. It could be the nature of my hair (fine, thin, oily), but this was like spraying on think heavy hair spray. It made my hair look dirtier. Yuck.

Tamara: This one smelled like hairspray to me and left my hair feeling a bit oily. But I liked how easy it was to put on – I’m biased towards sprays rather than powders.


One Love Organics 

One Love Organics - $12 for 0.6oz.

Alexandra: This one is my favorite, partly because the ingredients are natural and high quality, and partly because the performance is very good. My hair feels really clean after using this, and the scent is light and fresh.

Caitlin: Not crazy about the performance on this one. I like a stronger smell to help my hair feel fresher, but for those who are sensitive to strong smells, this may be a great option. 

Tamara: I used this after an intense workout and my hair smelled completely normal after applying it. Once again, it’s a powder so I’m not pleased with the application process, but I do like the smell. However, it’s a bit pricey for me!



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