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Announcing the Virtuosa Beauty Blog!

Virtuosa Beauty co-founder and CFO Tamara Zagorovskaya shares her morning routine and how she finds ways to save time and feel more productive.

My morning routine used to consist of groggily rolling out of bed, scarfing down a bowl of cereal, and frantically running to the office of my finance job in New York City. Now that I’m nearing the end of business school, I’ve been thinking a lot about my morning routine and experimenting with ways to make it better before I go back into the workforce. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

6:30am: Wake up. As soon as I hear my alarm, I immediately get out of bed. My 2016 resolution was to give up snoozing, so I’ve been trying really hard to get my body moving before I have the chance to roll over and fall back asleep (I love sleep!). Next I brush my teeth, drink some water and make my bed.

6:40am: Meditate. Ever since my boyfriend introduced me to it, I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation every day for over two years now (even on Mt. Kilimanjaro, see below!) and am a huge fan of the Headspace app. After fifteen minutes of quiet and reflection, my mind feels at ease and I’m focused on the present moment instead of worrying about my to-do list for the day. I finish off with a few yoga poses to stretch out by limbs and bring some energy to my body – my next goal is to incorporate sun salutations into my morning! 

Meditating on Mt. Kilimanjaro

7:00am: Shower. Usually I wash my hair every other night, so in the morning I just use a shower cap (of course, I’m a Virtuosa Beauty power user) which saves me thirty minutes each day. I used to wake up at 6am to wash my hair, blow dry and straighten it, but now I get to sleep in over 2 hours each week! My hair is thick and wavy, so right after the shower I use some dry shampoo (Batiste is my personal go-to) to help my hair feel fresh and add some volume. Then I moisturize my face with Aveeno moisturizer with built-in SPF (thank you Mom for teaching me to use sunscreen year-round!).

7:15am: Get dressed. Like many people, I try to pick my outfit the night before so there are less decisions to make in the morning. Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts while I get ready – favorites include This Week in Startups, Product Hunt, and, of course, Serial.

7:30am: Cook breakfast. This is my favorite meal of the day! Most days I microwave steel cut oats with some blueberries, strawberries and almond milk (emphasis on the berries!). Having recently gone to Australia, I’ve become obsessed with avocado toast and sometimes make that with a poached egg for a brekkie treat.

Oats and Berries

7:40am: Read the news. At this point I check my email for the first time since waking up. I’ve found it really refreshing to spend my first waking hour without looking at my phone so I can enjoy the morning instead of worrying about my to-do list. For the past few years I’ve been reading theSkimm religiously to catch up on what’s happening in the world, and I also browse the Broadsheet for news about women in the world.

8:00am: Head out the door. By now I’m fully awake, so I quickly swipe on some eye shadow and mascara (I hate doing my make-up) and triple check that I have my keys before walking out of my apartment. I recently received a beautiful new coffee mug (see below) that I take with me to grab coffee on the way to class. Ninety minutes after waking up, I’ve had some time to reflect, eat a healthy breakfast and prepare my mind for the day ahead!

My new coffee mug!


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